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Steering Wheels with a Clutch Pedal

Thrustmaster T500 RS
with a Clutch Pedal, for PS3 & PC

The Thrustmaster T500 RS is the most sophisticated clutch-inclusive steering wheel for PS3 one can lay hands on. Why is it so? Well, aside from the hundred-percent-adjustable clutch, gas and brake pedals (it’s up to you whether they should be floor-mounted like in an F1 car, or suspended - like in a GT car), the T500 RS features a 65-watt, 3000-rpm motor producing faster-than-the-speed-of-sound force feedback responses, which will make you fully aware of what’s happening on the circuit, and a HallEffect AccuRate Technology™-based contactless magnetic sensor, which guarantees larger-than-life precision. In addition, Thrustmaster’s 30-cm-wide masterpiece of a wheel offers a colossal 1080-degree rotation (three full turns lock to lock). The fact that the T500 RS is the official Gran Turismo 5 steering wheel will hardly surprise anyone.

Thrustmaster T500 RS with Force Feedback, for PS3 & PC

TH8 RS gear shifter special bundle

T500 RS plus the TH8 RS Shifter
an 8-Speed Shifter (Manual/Sequential)

Thrustmaster’s life-size, 8-speed TH8 RS shifter was invented so that all T500 RS users could change gears manually using a gated gearbox and a clutch pedal (the T500 RS includes one by default). Even those who’d rather shift gears sequentially can take advantage of the TH8 RS shifter. All they have to do is replace the default H-pattern (7+1) plate with a sequential (+/-) plate, which is available as well. Being a T500 RS add-on, the TH8 RS gear shifter employs the same super-mega-precise H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology™ and works great with Gran Turismo 5 in combination with the T500 RS, the latter being the official GT5 wheel. What’s more, you can also use the TH8 RS shifter as a standalone gear-switching device while playing your favorite PC racing simulation games in combination with any wheel at all.



Logitech G27
with a Clutch Pedal, for PS3 & PC

Of all the wheels presented on this website, the PlayStation 3 and PC-compatible Logitech G27 is the only one that includes by default both a clutch pedal and a gearshift module, which is not attached to the wheel platform. The G27 is, indeed, a very interesting model - it features completely adjustable clutch, brake and accelerator pedals, an external six-speed, H-gate manual shifter, two powerful force feedback motors driven by helical gears, which guarantee an almost noiseless operation, two wheel-mounted metal paddle shifters and even shift indicator LEDs that flash when the current gear should be changed. What’s more, the 28-cm-wide Logitech G27 wheel can rotate up to the incredible 900 degrees (two and a half turns lock to lock), so a true-to-life sim racing experience is guaranteed.

Logitech G27 with Force Feedback, for PS3 & PC
RGT Pro Clutch for PC with Force Feedback

RGT Force Feedback Clutch
with a Clutch Pedal, for PC only

We haven’t forgotten PC racing game players who want to change gears manually using a clutch pedal and a gear lever either - the PC-only Thrustmaster RGT Force Feedback Clutch wheel includes totally adjustable clutch, throttle & brake pedals and a life-size sequential shifter installed on the dashboard to the right of the 25-cm-wide wheel. You can up- and downshift using two wheel-mounted digital paddles as well. There are also two analog paddles, which can be used for accelerating and braking purposes, so you have quite a bit of choice here. The best part is that the RGT Force Feedback Clutch model is equipped with an immensely powerful, yet smooth and noiseless, belt- and gear-driven force feedback mechanism, which even allows you to regulate the actual amount of force feedback. The RGT FFB Clutch wheel, whose maximum steering angle is 270 degrees, also features a highly precise ball-bearing steering mechanism. Plus, you can decide whether to re-center the steering wheel or not during the race itself.



Clutch Pedal Bundles:
a Wheel with a Clutch Pedal plus a Gaming Seat

Seems like the Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel and the OpenWheeler gaming seat were made for one another, each of them shining in their own ways - the 1080-degree-rotatable (!) T500 RS is the current official GT5 wheel, and as far as OpenWheeler is concerned - you can hardly find a more comfortable racing seat on the market today. Now you can get them both at a reduced price - the T500 RS normally costs £380.00 and OpenWheeler - £270.00 (a total of £650.00), but if you take advantage of our special T500 RS/OpenWheeler bundle, they will be yours for just £620.00 (incl. 20% UK VAT*).

The T500 RS wheel will fit perfectly into the OpenWheeler+ gaming seat’s chassis as well. What’s more, OpenWheeler+ is fitted out with a special gear shifter mount, which can ideally accommodate the TH8 RS shifter. If you take advantage of our exclusive bundle offer and combine these three amazing gaming gadgets, you will not only end up with the ultimate sim racing setup, but you will also save £32.00.

The T500 RS wheel, the TH8 RS shifter and the OpenWheeler+ seat cost £380.00, £110.00 and £312.00, respectively (a total of £802.00), but if they are ordered simultaneously via OpenWheeler.co.uk, the bundled price will be just £770.00 (incl. 20% UK VAT*). Whichever of the two bundles you’ve chosen, it will be shipped right to your door at no cost whatsoever on the next working day after the purchase provided that you live in the UK.

*The UK VAT-free price of the T500 RS/OpenWheeler bundle is £516.67. The UK VAT-free price of the T500 RS/TH8 RS/OpenWheeler+ bundle is £641.67. The UK VAT does not apply to:

a) VAT-registered businesses from the EU, but from outside the UK
b) clients from outside the EU


Thrustmaster T500 RS

+ OpenWheeler
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You Save £30.00

Thrustmaster T500 RS

+ OpenWheeler+
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You Save £32.00

Thrustmaster T500 RS

+ Ferrari F1 Racing Wheel
+ OpenWheeler
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