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TH8 RS Shifter

The TH8 RS gear shifter is PC-compatible


The TH8 RS gear shifter is PC-compatible. As far as PlayStation 3® is concerned, it works only with Gran Turismo 5 when combined with the T500 RS racing wheel.

A 360-Degree-Rotatable Shifter

The TH8 RS gear shifter's clamping system and shift plate are 360-degree-rotatable.

Gearbox Size (13 cm / 5 inches)

Gearbox Size (13 cm/5")

The TH8 RS gear shifter is a T500 RS add-on, which makes use of the same high-precision HallEffect AccuRate Technology™. The shifter is mainly made of metal and, since it uses a contactless magnetic sensor, there aren't any mechanical parts that can actually wear out. The gear stick itself is 13 centimeters tall and features a detachable knob. Its resistance level is completely adjustable.

Stick Shift

Stick Shift

The TH8 RS shifter offers seven forward gears and one reverse gear. A high-pitched click informs you when you have arrived at the desired gate. You can substitute the default H-pattern (7+1) shift plate with a sequential (+/-) shift plate, which is included as well. This way you will be able to downshift by pushing the gear stick towards the "-" sign and to upshift by pulling it towards the "+" sign.

The TH8 RS's Price
Free UK Shipping
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The TH8 RS's Price

The TH8 RS gear shifter will be, without a doubt, a great addition to your T500 RS-based sim rig, which will guarantee you a highly realistic virtual racing experience. Its price outside the UK/EU is £91.67 (UK VAT-free). Otherwise, it costs £110.00 (including 20% UK VAT).

Delivery Fees

Free UK shipping. The TH8 RS shifter will be shipped to your doorstep if you reside in the UK on the very next business day after the purchase. For all other European and International destinations, the shipping rates start at £25.00 (depending on the country).


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