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Logitech G27

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Review

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Review

Unification in car manufacture, main tendencies and available alternatives. Introduction of the Logitech G27 racing wheel and OpenWheeler+ game seat.

For the past thirteen years, cars have not only been produced by the dozen, but by the million. According to official statistics there were about 80 million motor vehicles manufactured worldwide in 2011. Passenger cars count to some 60 million. And this number is 15 million higher compared to the same statistics for 2004. Then, even in the United States of America, the motherland of muscle cars, V4's make up to a constantly growing percentage of the market. Whereas the V6's are still predominant, this tendency is gradually changing. Any eight-cylinder or larger engines are less than they've ever been since the 1950's. All this boring data, along with the constantly growing prices of petroleum, and last but not least oversaturation of the market, does lead to unification. We'd regard it as irritating, just take a look around - all the cars of a given segment (for example mini-SUV's) do look alike regardless of the manufacturer. On the inside and the on the outside. What is even worse, you just can't get this much fun driving today, owing to the heavy traffic and the less free time ordinary people have for visiting the racing track. Considering that most of us work long hours and yet cannot afford to obtain and maintain a fulfilling Gran Turismo car, we are to present you a perfect alternative which will get you as close to the rhythm of the track as possible.

Logitech G27 technical equipmentYou just need a present-day computer or the classic and proven-quality Sony PlayStation 3 video game console to run a simulator, an arcade or a car racing game title of your choice. Then all the rest you have to acquire is: a) some ergonomic support for your body - crucial whatever your age is, and a decisive factor to substitute for a super sport multiple-belt anatomic spots car seat. Such can be provided by a game seat. And: b) a responsive force feedback racing wheel set with a gear lever. There is a bunch of models you can choose from for the latter. We do believe that the ones we are about to review deserve your serious consideration. Namely the Logitech G27 PlayStation 3/PC racing wheel set - the 900-degree force feedback successor of the bestselling Logitech G25 steering wheel. Also one of the rulers in the £200-220 segment for the past years. Because of its separate gear changing unit, it is best hold in the matching stylish and long-wearing OpenWheeler+ racing seat, with a Gear Shifter Mount included. The Gear Shifter Mount not only is compatible to, it has been designed to be paired with the Logitech G27 steering wheel's gear stick module. So is the entire OpenWheeler Plus PC and PlayStation 2/PlayStation 3 simulator seat. There seems to be at least one issue left - despite its popularity, is the G27 worth, as compared to its well-acclaimed predecessor the Logitech G25? Let's review to find out.

G27 - layout and hooking up. Recommending the OpenWheeler+ gaming seat.

The Logitech G27 racing wheel's design resembles to a great extent the one of the G25. The Logitech Team have followed the 'if it's good, don't change it' saying making it. Despite of this, we do like the sleek and polished plastic, having leather-textured wheel circle, G27. It may not be that up-to-date like the aluminium 1080-degree rotation Thrustmaster T500 RS (especially if paired to the high-quality aluminium TH8 RS transmission set), still for its price it looks much better than any of the rivalry. There is an overall of six programmable buttons on the wheel itself and an entire row of LED's over the wheel hub. In games that support it, the latter can be used as a digital tachometer. The gear changing paddles are definitely more solid than those of the G25, as well as the gear shifting block. If mounted on a proper, Gear Shifter Mount-provided gaming seat, the 6+1 speed (six gears plus reverse) quick-response gearbox after some practice, guarantees breaking all the records in any race you choose.

Logitech G27 helical gears - pros and consConnecting the Logitech G27 driving wheel set to your Windows personal computer or to your Sony PlayStation 3 is easy. Despite the lack of a direct PS3 button, that we believe would have made it even quicker. Once you have installed the Logitech Profiler software (and updated your drivers) you can alter pretty much anything using it - restrict the 900-degree rotation the G27 offers, assign a various button, etc. Then all you need is a matching simulator seat, hence no clamping system can really enable stable mount of a three-module-set to a desk or a table. Especially if you plan to hit the gas hard in simulators. The perfect way to have all the G27's precious components at hand, including the gear lever, is to order the OpenWheeler+ gaming seat.

G27 versus G25 - gearbox changes. Recommending the Gear Shifter Mount, OpenWheeler+ game seat.

From hardware point of view, we can't miss mentioning that there are two major changes in the G27's gearbox as compared to the G25's. While the first one is definitely an upgrade, the second one seems to be more of an omission though a reasoned one.

The main change is the switch to helical gears. Helical gears are the most widely used gears in real cars to date. The difference is in the angle their cogged wheels' teeth are cut, unlike the G25's straight-cut gears. This change enables smoother and more precise shifting. You may not feel such a great difference at first in case you've both the wheels (the way we tested this particular model), but after several hours of game play you will surely appreciate the difference.

Is the Logitech G27 better compared to Logitech G25The other key change is that the sequential shifting mode has been removed from the G27's gear shifter. Now, you still have the gear changing paddles, and you have the H-pattern gated transmission for manual shifting. True, but some of the experienced simulator players got used to consecutively shifting with the gear stick and focusing on the 900-degree rotating wheel during intense championships. So, complaints are not a surprise at all. This removal was explained as a way to make the shifting smoother and the whole gear stick block more durable. It probably is, but there's another con that comes with this removal - the gearbox is lighter. Depending on the point of view this is an advantage as portability is concerned and disadvantage in terms of stability. It is yet another argument in favour of the OpenWheeler+ gaming seat and its Gear Shifter Mount. Gear changing is also quieter which is certainly an advantage.

Logitech G27 - cable management. Force Feedback and in-game performance.

There aren't any fundamental flaws of the Logitech G27 driving wheel set, except for the obvious ones. Still, there is an issue which is going to irritate you for some time…until you get used to it. It is the cable management. There appears to be as many as four connecting boxes. The way it works is: you need to connect the pedal block to the wheel unit. You need to connect the transmission module to the wheel unit, too. Then you need to connect the whole set to the mains supply and finally to your hardware with the USB-cable provided. This whole ceremony would have been shorter, if each component had an USB connector on its own, plus a cheaper USB hub in box. Try mounting the set on a standard piece of furniture and there will be way too many cords around you, check for yourself.

Racing Simulator set: The Logitech G27 mounted on an OpenWheeler+ Gaming Seat The final disadvantage we've noticed is the dual-motor force feedback's strength. For an inexperienced gamer the default settings may result in pain after a couple of hours on the rFactor 2 simulator in particular - whatever the settings. We'd advice you to browse through the isiforums for the easiest current solution, since these are being updated on a regular basis. On other racing games, like the Colin McRae: Dirt 3, the iRacing or the classic Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit we've tested it on, the vibration was ideal. We also feel obliged to admit that although it may look like a perfect match, the G27 isn't the best idea for the Gran Turismo 4 and GT5, as the programmable options are quite restricted. Having discovered the optimal setup the cars still do not feel the way they normally do with other wheels. So if you're a GT5 fanatic for example, do consider the T500RS before ordering the G27.

In the games we've tested though, due to the smoother and quicker shifting and the better pedals response and regardless of the lack of sequential shifting, we claim though that the G27 outperforms the G25.

Comparing the G27 and the G25.

In case you already own the Logitech G25 racing wheel set you probably have a good training using it, being on the market for a number of years now. So, if you are looking for an improved simulator experience, you'd be best to inform yourself on the Thrustmaster T500 RS + Thrustmaster TH8 RS gearbox, though pricier. Despite the broader pedal block and the smoother shifting, the cooler-looking Logitech G27 racing wheel is not really that different from its predecessor. Otherwise, mounted on an adequate Gear Shifter Mount racing seat like the OpenWheeler+ game seat it will surely give you more than most of the similar-priced wheels, belonging to a lower segment. This is the chief reason for it being in short supply nowadays. Whatever your case and choices are you should not underestimate the durable and long-wearing (longer as compared to any racing wheel set) convenience a gaming seat simulator will provide you with.

OpenWheeler+ simulator seat - main advantages.

OpeWheeler universality, value and customer satisfactionWhether you own the pioneering H-pattern Logitech G25 or the current Logitech G27 PS3/PC video game driving wheel set, there is a further component your home driving simulator is to need. It is the ergonomic hand and shoulder support and proper racing position during your extensive hours of racing. The latter is complemented by having the gear stick positioned similarly to the one of an actual car. And last but not least - alterable pedal units distance. All this is guaranteed by the OpenWheeler + PC/PlayStation 3 simulator seat. The seat is covered with long-wearing 100% Polyester fabric. The pedal module's stretch is regulated by the game seat sliding on stiff stainless steel rails. Because of this, the OpenWheeler+ game seat offers both fantastic driving realism and ultimate pleasure. Paired to the Logitech G27 or any other steering wheel set with a gear shifting module, it is literally all you need for innumerable hours of amazing realism. Regardless if cruising on the streets of Need for Speed, or having accepted a split second rally challenge in DiRT 3.

OpenWheeler+ game seat - price.

The current price of OpenWheeler+'s marvelous driving simulator is just £312.00. Free next business day shipping is provided for all the UK-address customers. There are no additional charges, the 20% UK VAT are included in the price. It is the crucial addition to the Logitech G27 racing wheel or any video-game racing system - regardless if a car or a flight simulator indeed.


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