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Gran Turismo 5 (GT 5) Steering Wheel


The T500 RS - the Official Gran Turismo 5 Wheel

Of all racing games for PlayStation® (including PS2 and PS3), Gran Turismo 5® (including all its previous versions) is the most popular one of all time. GT5 is also the most widely played racing game in the whole wide world, with sales surpassing $1.25 billion. Being the official GT5 steering wheel really means something. In 2011, the Thrustmaster T500 RS steering wheel became the new "official GT5 wheel", picking up the baton from the Logitech Driving Force GT wheel.

A 1080-Degree Rotation!

A 1080-Degree Rotation!

With its 1080 degrees of wheel rotation, the Thrustmaster T500 RS is way ahead of the other steering wheels on the very competitive PlayStation® steering wheel market. These 3 full wheel turns give the T500 RS a 180-degree advantage over the Logitech Driving Force GT wheel - the previous official GT5 wheel.

Strong Force Feedback

Strong Force Feedback

The force feedback effects offered by the T500 RS wheel have nothing to do with what the majority of drivers have already experienced using other steering wheels. The force feedback is so realistic that it can sometimes cause the driver real pain. And this is for real. The true-to-life driving experience delivered by the T500 RS will teach the driver to be careful with the steering wheel, holding it tight with both hands.


A Detachable and Upgradeable Steering Wheel

The 30-cm-wide, GT-style T500 RS steering wheel can be uninstalled and replaced with the Ferrari F1 wheel. The wheel change requires a screwdriver and takes about a minute. This is good news for all dedicated Gran Turismo 5 video game players who also happen to be fans of the Formula 1 racing game. The Ferrari F1 is a solid wheel offering professional-quality rotary knobs, switches and action buttons. The Ferrari F1 wheel is a T500 RS add-on and a full-size replica of the wheel inside the racing car that Scuderia Ferrari built to compete during the 2011 Formula 1 season.

Adjustable Clutch, Brake and Gas Pedals

The distance between the clutch, brake and gas pedals coming with the official GT5 steering wheel can be adjusted, and so can their height. You can quickly find the optimum pedaling position, completely in line with your own personal needs. Every racing car's pedals can be adjusted according to the driver's requirements prior to the race itself, and so can the pedals coming with the T500 RS wheel. With the T500 RS steering wheel mounted onto OpenWheeler's chassis, you can achieve the ultimate racing posture.

The Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On

Thrustmaster's Ferrari F1 wheel is a full-size replica of the Formula 1 Ferrari 2011 racing wheel, which offers an amazingly realistic road feel. When needed, the player can detach the steering wheel using the "Thrustmaster Quick Release" system. The rubber-covered Ferrari F1 wheel offers a comfortable grip. On the wheel's back there are push-and-pull brushed metal shifters, which rotate together with wheel.

The TH8 RS Shifter

The TH8 RS is a realistic gear shifter, especially intended for use with the official GT5 steering wheel - the Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel. However, the TH8 RS shifter can work with any PS3 steering wheel, which supports multiple USB device connections and works with an external gearshift module. What's more important is the extreme realism delivered by this 8-speed shifter. The TH8 RS shifter will make you feel as though you're in a real car. The 13-cm-tall gear stick includes a detachable knob, which is compatible with real universal knobs.

Thrustmaster T500 RS's Price

Thrustmaster T500 RS's Price

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