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A Formula 1 (F1) Steering Wheel

The Ferrari F1 add-on wheel manufactured by Thrustmaster is a Ferrari-licensed, life-sized replica of the Formula 1 Ferrari 2011 racing wheel, which means that it sports F1-style pushbuttons, knobs, switches and speed shifters. The Ferrari F1 wheel is, in fact, a detachable add-on for the prone-to-updates T500 RS wheel, intended to introduce T500 RS users to the high-octane, adrenaline-pumping world of Formula 1. Naturally, the Ferrari F1 wheel works great with video games such as F1 2010, F1 2011 and F1 2012.


Gran Turismo 5 (GT 5) Steering Wheel

Ferrari F1 (a T500 RS add-on)

Being a T500 RS add-on, the 28-centimeter-wide Ferrari F1 wheel ‘inherits’ T500 RS’s 16-bit resolution, H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology™-based contactless magnetic sensing mechanism ensuring surgical precision, eye-popping 1080 degrees of rotation (three full turns lock to lock), spine-tinglingly powerful force feedback motor producing breakneck-speed responses and fully adjustable clutch, gas and brake pedals.


The Ferrari F1
T500 RS Bundle

The T500 RS, being one of the very best PS3 steering wheels, is the official GT5 steering wheel - an honor, which is fully deserved. It works great with the abovementioned Formula 1 sim racing games as well.

Our special Ferrari F1/T500 RS bundle offer gives you a unique chance to get these two great F1 wheels simultaneously for only £470.00 (incl. 20% UK VAT*).

If ordered separately, the Ferrari F1 wheel would cost £110.00, and the T500 RS wheel - £380.00 (a total of £490.00).

The T500 RS/Ferrari F1 Bundle will cost you £20.00 less!

OpenWheeler Racing Seat plus the Thrustmaster T500 RS Racing Wheel plus Thrustmaster’s Ferrari F1 Racing Wheel

The Ferrari F1
T500 RS & OpenWheeler Bundle

Designed especially for wheels like the T500 RS (and its Ferrari F1 wheel add-on, for that matter), the OpenWheeler gaming seat will allow you to quickly reach the perfect driving position. To compare any average household desk, table or chair with OpenWheeler is like comparing David with Goliath. The comfort delivered by the OpenWheeler seat is simply without an analogue. You can take advantage of our attractively priced Ferrari F1/T500 RS/OpenWheeler bundle and order these three amazing gaming devices simultaneously for £720.00 (incl. 20% UK VAT*). If purchased independently, the Ferrari F1 wheel would cost £110.00, the T500 RS wheel - £380.00, and the OpenWheeler seat - £270.00 (a total of £760.00).

*The UK VAT-free price of the Ferrari F1/T500 RS bundle is £391.67. The UK VAT-free price of the Ferrari F1/T500 RS/OpenWheeler bundle is £600.00. The UK VAT does not apply to:
a) VAT-registered businesses from the EU, but from outside the UK
b) clients from outside the EU



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