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A Real Sports Car Seat

OpenWheeler is a real racing car seat. It's neither top-of-the-line, nor bottom-of-the-line. It's simply a comfortable seat, delivering what it promises, i.e. a proper driving position and a higher level of overall driver satisfaction.

Great Shoulder Support

Great Shoulder Support

When driving under pressure, the driver's body naturally tries to follow all track curves. When it comes to achieving better lap times, the presence of strong shoulder, back and leg support is a must. The OpenWheeler racing seat delivers just that. So, improving your track times is just a matter of practice and more tries, which means also... more fun.

A Reclining Seat Back

A Reclining Seat Back

The back of the OpenWheeler racing car seat reclines forwards and backwards. This flexibility will be appreciated by a wide variety of drivers, no matter whether they are tall or short. OpenWheeler's reclining back allows the driver not only to find the best driving position possible, but also to adjust the seat as if they're in a GT car or in a Formula 1 cockpit.


Sliding Rails

OpenWheeler features sliding rails underneath the seat, which will allow the driver to glide the racing seat forwards and backwards. The driver can adjust the seat distance as if they're in a real car. That's a great advantage, which any frequent racer will evaluate. Not to speak of your friends or family members. The sliding feature really spares time, particularly if you want to 'jump' from a GT car to an F1 car.

An Adjustable Steering Wheel Platform

An Adjustable Wheel Platform

You can move the steering column forwards, backwards, up and down. Racing game fans of any age (from 6 to 60+) and virtually of any size (from 120 cm to 210+ cm) can perform well on the simulation track. That's without even risking their own health, lives or fancy property (a sports car worth $100k). It's pure fun. Cheaply priced. Without any risk at all.

An Adjustable Pedal Platform

An Adjustable Pedal Platform

Coming closer to reality is the primary goal of any racing simulation game. OpenWheeler can only be of help in this valiant pursuit. Any racing fan knows that the pedals are as important as the steering wheel. The really advanced drivers take most of the turns using the pedals, not the wheel. This is why we have made pedal adjustment an easy task.


Inbuilt Front Wheels

When it comes to movability, you will quickly discover that OpenWheeler is one of the pioneers on the gaming seat market in this respect. OpenWheeler's inbuilt front wheels allow you to perform easy maneuvers around the room. How about moving OpenWheeler from one room to another? Thanks to the trolley-like wheels attached below the pedal platform, OpenWheeler's weight is substantially reduced.

Supported Steering Wheels

Supported Steering Wheels

If your steering wheel kit consists of two separate elements, a wheel base and a pedal set connected to each other via wire or wirelessly, then it works with OpenWheeler. If you are a happy owner of a racing game wheel, which includes a separate module for changing gears (for instance, the Logitech G27 wheel), then you will require a gear shifter mount, which is sold separately. OpenWheeler+, however, includes one by default.

Steering Wheels That Are Not Supported

Wheels That Are Not Supported

Probably after having examined the supported wheel types, you already know what wheel types are not supported. The Logitech G27 wheel, for example, requires an individual gearshift module (connected to the wheel platform either via wire or wirelessly). Wheel models, which use just one platform for the steering wheel and the gas/brake pedals, are not supported as well.


Supported Gaming Consoles

OpenWheeler supports the following gaming platforms: PlayStation 3® (or earlier), XBOX 360®, Wii®, PC, Mac. There are probably many others, which are not in that list. It is not a question of whether the OpenWheeler racing seat will be compatible with your gaming device(s). The real question is: is OpenWheeler compatible with your steering wheel (or with the wheel you are planning to buy, for that matter)?

Improve Your Driving Skills

Pay attention to the fact that your game driving skills and your real-world driving skills go hand in hand. They are interdependent. Improve your game driving skills, and automatically you'll improve your real-life driving skills. That's the consequence of playing today's marvelous driving simulation games.

Most PlayStation, XBOX and PC racing game players are unable to discover the amazingness of today's driving simulation games. How good are they really? And how close are they to reality? Thanks to racing game seats such as OpenWheeler, every amateur can turn into a professional virtual car driver. That means a more experienced real car driver as well.

...and Your Driving Experience

The proper seating position is a key factor for achieving better lap times... and for improving your overall driving experience. You will not have to wait much longer to see your improvement as a driver. Try OpenWheeler and you'll (re)discover how good driving simulation games actually are.

The OpenWheeler Racing Game Seat's Price

The OpenWheeler Racing Game Seat's Price

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£270.00 (incl. 20% VAT) (inside the UK/EU)

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