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PlayStation, XBOX, Wii & PC Compatible Game Seat

Gaming Consoles

Regardless of the gaming solution you are using - an XBOX 360®, a PlayStation 3® (or an earlier version), a Wii®, a PC or a Mac, OpenWheeler will bring you one step closer to reality. To the reality of being a better real-life car driver and a better virtual racing car driver! This is the inevitable consequence of using OpenWheeler.

To get the most out of the driving simulation games you play, you need to be properly seated. Naturally, improved results will follow shortly thereafter. While advancing your skills on the virtual track, you will also experience your favorite racing games in an entirely new, joyful and realistic way. With OpenWheeler, you will rediscover how good driving simulation games actually are. And how much your driving skills have improved.


Steering Wheels

OpenWheeler supports all steering wheels with a separate pedal unit connected to the wheel base via a cable (or else connected wirelessly). If your wheel has an external gearshift module that is not attached to the base (like with the Logitech G27), you will require a gearshift mount. It is being sold separately. Alternatively, you might consider buying OpenWheeler+, which includes a gearshift mount by default.

Which steering wheels are not supported by the OpenWheeler racing simulator? As already mentioned, these would be all wheels, which come with an individual gearshift module (either wireless or connected to the steering wheel platform via a wire). OpenWheeler also does not support steering wheel models, which use just one platform for the steering wheel and the pedals.

Supported Steering Wheels

Inbuilt Front Wheels (for Easy Maneuvering)

Inbuilt Front Wheels
(for Easy Maneuvering)

The OpenWheeler racing simulator comes with inbuilt front wheels. If you wish to move it around the room, you will quickly get to like them. This functionality is not offered by any other racing simulator available on the market.

Why not move OpenWheeler from one room to another? Just lift its back a little bit (a couple of inches should be enough) and you will see how easy it is to move OpenWheeler from one place to another. That’s thanks to the trolley-like wheels placed just below the adjustable pedal platform. Last, but not least, the front wheels substantially reduce OpenWheeler’s overall weight.


A Real Sports
Car Seat

OpenWheeler actually uses a real racing seat. The same racing seat can be found in real-life sports cars. Coming as close as possible to reality is what sim racing is all about. Do you know how important the proper driving position is? You’ll quickly find out as soon as you touch down on the racing circuit. Before they teach you how to drive, you will first learn how to take a proper seat. This is very important.

All racing games are actually simulations trying to represent the real thing. Isn’t it better to use a real racing seat (like OpenWheeler’s) when playing your favorite racing games? Compare it to your sofa, desk or chair… Well, you can’t bring a real racing car into your room, but you can feel as if you were sitting in one…

A Real Sports Car Seat

A Reclining Seat Back Offering Strong Shoulder Support

A Reclining Seat Back
(Offering Strong Shoulder Support)

Because ensuring optimal driving comfort was the main goal behind building OpenWheeler, its seat reclines forwards and backwards. Unlike with other alternatives on the market, you will quickly find the most balanced driving position thanks to this functionality.

The availability of strong shoulder support is very important, especially when it comes to driving under pressure. Why is it like that? Because while you are driving, your body tilts following the road curves ahead. This happens when you play a racing game as well. The availability of strong shoulder support will help you improve your lap times and overall driving skills.


Sliding Rails
(Under the Racing Seat)

OpenWheeler is equipped with sliding rails. OpenWheeler’s racing seat slides forwards and backwards, so you can adjust the seat distance as if you were in a real car. The rail sliding mechanism is located underneath the racing seat itself.

That’s another thing that differentiates OpenWheeler from its alternatives. Most of the other racing simulators available on the market do not offer sliding rails at all. There are just a few that do, but only in the form of a pricey add-on. The additional fee for the sliding mechanism aside, the buyer will have to manually install it... On the other hand, OpenWheeler includes sliding rails by default.

Sliding Rails Under the Racing Seat

An Adjustable Pedal Platform

An Adjustable
Pedal Platform

With OpenWheeler, adjusting the distance between the pedals and the racing seat involves almost no effort. Release the seat’s knob and you will be able to move the pedal platform forwards and backwards. Tighten the knob once you have found the perfect distance. It’s as simple as one, two, three.

As far as driver comfort is concerned, OpenWheeler is a step ahead of the others. Unlike with other similar alternatives on the market, OpenWheeler’s pedal platform slides with ease, thanks to the inbuilt wheels placed underneath it. The adjustable pedal platform is an important factor for making the whole racing environment as realistic as possible. The easier the pedals are to adjust, the better. That’s the spirit!


An Adjustable Steering
Wheel Platform

With OpenWheeler, you can move the steering wheel upwards and downwards until you’ve reached the perfect height. Once you’re done fine-tuning the steering wheel, firmly tighten the bolt beneath the wheel base and you will be ready for the race of your life!

The adjustable wheel platform will allow people of different ages - from 6 to over 60, and of almost all sizes - from 120 cm to over 210 cm, to reach the perfect driving position. With OpenWheeler’s help, they will get the most out of their racing video games!

An Adjustable Steering Wheel Platform

OpenWheeler Game Seat Price

OpenWheeler Game Seat Price

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£270.00 (incl. 20% VAT) (inside the UK/EU)

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