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Xbox 360 Gaming Seat

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OpenWheeler - your Xbox 360 Gaming Seat

Selecting the most suitable steering wheel set for your Xbox 360 may take you some time. As for a gaming seat - it is the OpenWheeler to complement it best. Good is simply not good enough. And that goes for quality too! That’s why we are glad to offer you the high-grade Simulator Seat of Tomorrow, at an affordable price Today. The fully-foldable metal frame chassis’ OpenWheeler is your simulator rig’s obligatory component. Ergonomic and easy to store, you need it for long hours of comfortable racing in your favorite car racing game. Leaving behind any improper body support distractions, you will unbiasedly master the art of driving. The way it is in real life! It is the OpenWheeler your sound and long-lasting investment (incurring virtually no running costs whatsoever; please, refer to our easy-to-clean brief) to your sterling driving simulator rig!

A True Racing Seat with Ergonomic Body Support

Ergonomics is a science. For us, it is a pleasure too. Following long researches and tests, we have decided to provide the OpenWheeler with a real racing car’s seat. Therefore it offers a no-compromise stiff ergonomic support to your body. In addition, it is as realistic as a simulator seat can get!

OpenWheeler - Steel Gliding Rails
OpenWheeler - Reclining Seat

Steel Gliding Rails and a Reclining Seat come as standard

OpenWheeler gaming seat does offer standard equipment which is not even optional for other seats. Such as the durable sliding metal rails mechanism. Use it to adapt your seat’s distance best to your driving style. A fully-reclining seat guarantees that you will feel at home indeed. With every steering wheel and every racing car!

A perfectly Adjustable Pedal Platform

OpenWheeler is compatible to nearly any PC/game console steering wheel set available today. Pedal units differ a lot. It is the OpenWheeler yet which in addition to securely holding them, provides you with a completely Adjustable Pedal Platform. Two in-built wheels are installed its effortless adjustment.

A perfectly Adjustable Wheel Platform too

Had enough of compromising in your sim racing career? Take the OpenWheeler! With a generously Adjustable Wheel Platform (from 120cm to over 210 cm), a driver of any size is welcome.

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Xbox Gaming Seat & Xbox Steering Wheel Bundle

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia is probably the most affordable quality-made Xbox 360 wheel on market. Approved by Ferrari, its steering wheel is a 7/10 replica of the multi-award-winning Ferrari 458 Italia racing car’s. Ferrari layout is strictly followed, including the distinctive Manettino dial. The latter is fully-functional and can be set for a number of fine-tune settings. Just like the real one! The thick rubber-textured 11" wheel has an overall of eight digital action buttons, an Engine Start 8-direction D-Pad and, expectedly, the Xbox 360 direct guide switch. The GT-style gear changing paddles are pretty responsive, similarly to the original Ferrari’s. Or at least as elegant. So the 270-degree no force feedback Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia is a budget wheel worth considering. That’s why the OpenWheeler/Ferrari 458 Italia combo is a good entry-level everyday driving simulator. Based on the excellent OpenWheeler simulator seat!

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Easy to clean, requiring no maintenance

OpenWheeler is the result of a particularly long-term thought process. Ultimate compatibility and full-customization have to be combined with durability. Because of this, the seat is covered with high-quality 100% polyester. To clean it, you only need a standard sponge and some water. Perfect comfort in any season is guaranteed. Plus, it requires no lubrication like leather or any other maintenance. Nor does any other part of the OpenWheeler simulator. OpenWheeler - simply timeless!


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