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OpenWheeler - your Windows PC Gaming Seat.

Steering wheels as a gaming accessory were first available for computers. Owing to sim racing game series like TOCA (currently by the name of Race Driver: Grid), Gran Turismo, and the cult Need For Speed, however, they actually entered more car racing fans' homes. Curious as it is, due to Sony PlayStation, PS2, PS3 and Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360, steering wheels became a well-known attachment. Through the past decade, they were immensely improved. Today's tendency is to provide your Xbox 360 wheels or PS3 wheels with PC-compatibility and vice versa. All notable top-quality companies like Thrustmaster and Logitech have taken this into account. We are also happy to present you the universally-compatible, yet distinctive OpenWheeler simulator seat. High grade, long-wearing and sturdy. Providing you with stiff and comfortable support for countless hours of racing. Plus the entire PlayStation and Xbox console series compatible. Come aboard - with OpenWheeler the future has already begun!

OpenWheeler - the ergonomic Racing Seat providing a Great Driver's Comfort.

OpenWheeler gaming seat offers a truly ergonomic back and shoulder body support. For extensive game play without exhaustion. Better than any comparable class seat and attachable to nearly any PC, PS3 or Xbox 360 wheel set. OpenWheeler - variety as a comprehensive programme.

Gliding Seat
Reclining Back

Convincing technology - Gliding Seat with a Reclining Back.

Similarly to creating a super sports car our main goal while designing the OpenWheeler simulator was maximum comfort for an intensive relationship between the man and the road. Thanks to its ergonomic metal rails gliding seat with a reclining back, we believe we achieved it. With style.

Sporting character that leaves full control in the driver - OpenWheeler's Adjustable Pedal Platform.

OpenWheeler's exclusive design doesn't just look magnificent. It is logical too - right down to the smallest detail. Its elegant sporty black and red lines. Its stainless steel frame chassis. And many more. They're all an expression of OpenWheeler's character. So is the adjustable pedal platform with in-built front wheels. Adapt your distance the way you like it. Any size of driver is welcome!

Suiting any kind of driver - OpenWheeler with a completely Adjustable Wheel Platform.

In favour of OpenWheeler's timeless ability to suite a wide variety of temperaments. It is the fully-adjustable wheel platform. Depending on the game, your driving habits or simply your mood - adjust the wheel unit of your set the way you feel like for the next race. Any size of driver is welcome!

OpenWheeler with Ferrari 458
OpenWheeler with Ferrari F430

OpenWheeler PC Gaming Seat - Steering Wheel Bundles.

A perfect combination between functionality and design - the main aspect for the OpenWheeler concept! It does share it with both the Thrustmaster's Ferrari officially approved steering wheel sets - the Ferrari 458 Italia Xbox 360/PC, and the Ferrari F430 PS3/PC. Now the OpenWheeler's inspiring enthusiasm design is available with both the abovementioned fascinating racing wheel sets, currently at a more-affordable-than-ever total price. Order your OpenWheeler/Ferrari F430 driving simulator for PS3 and PC, for merely £400.00. Alternatively the OpenWheeler/Ferrari 458 Italia bundle, compatible with Xbox 360 and Windows PCs. Its price is just £340.00. Free next business day shipping within UK and 20% UK-VAT are included. Since OpenWheeler supports both the sets, you can enjoy the performance of any sports car in a game of your choice. Perfectly matching your preferences and providing you with the support you need.

OpenWheeler with Force GT
OpenWheeler with T500 RS

More PC Gaming Seat/Steering Wheel Bundles.

To meet every demand for individual in-game mobility related to every game racing genre and matching every player's driving style, we are glad to offer you a good variety of steering wheel bundles. Add the evergreen Logitech Driving Force GT PlayStation 2/PlayStation 3 and PC 900-degree former official GT5 wheel. Or the current top of the line officially-licensed GT5 driving wheel, the 1080-degree powerful force feedback brushed metal Thrustmaster T500 RS. It is up to you, depending on your racing experience and (the corresponding) willingness to invest. Either way, top-quality OpenWheeler simulator seat is to extremely enhance every racing session for long years to come! So, do not hesitate to order your great mid-range OpenWheeler/Driving Force GT racing simulator for just £360.00. The price of the sterling top-range OpenWheeler/T500 RS is £620.00. Both their prices are total with 20% UK-VAT included. Next working day shipping within the United Kingdom for free!

OpenWheeler+ - your PC Gaming Seat with a Gear Shifter Mount.

Further improving the supremacy of top-range steering wheel sets is a challenge we've accepted since the very first day of planning the OpenWheeler. To adequately achieve it, we created the OpenWheeler+. It consists of the elegant top-quality OpenWheeler and the specially-developed stainless steel Gear Shifter Mount unit. So top PS3 and PC steering wheel sets like Thrustmaster T500 RS and Logitech G27 can be securely attached in less than a minute. OpenWheeler - variety as a comprehensive programme!

OpenWheeler+ with G27
OpenWheeler+ with T500 RS & TH8 RS

Even more PC Gaming Seat/Steering Wheel Bundles.

Not until something is precise is it beautiful too. Both the 6-speed H-pattern transmission-only G27 and the top predominantly metal T500 RS are capable of arousing great enthusiasm among admirers of sim racing games! About an year after the officially-certified GT5 wheel's release, its fantastic TH8 RS transmission add-on was unveiled. What makes it so special? At least a couple of details: a) it is an 8-speed gearbox and a sequential one, b) it can be used as a handbrake in rallies, c) its entire 11-centimetre aluminium gear lever. In addition, it is clockwork-precise and it shares the T500 RS's H.E.A.R.T(Hall Effect Accurate Technology) using contactless magnetic sensors instead of actual wearing out parts. Last but not least, it is easily-attached to the OpenWheeler+! So is the classic Logitech G27 set. For a powerful heartbeat owing to strong muscles, innovativeness and top materials, order the OpenWheeler+/T500 RS/TH8 RS driving simulator at the total price of £770.00. For a pretty decent entry to the world of sim racing, consider the OpenWheeler+/G27 bundle for £492.00. Free next business day UK-delivery and 20% UK-VAT are included.


Cleaning the OpenWheeler.

To make any side duty related to the OpenWheeler simulator as easy as possible, we have covered its seat with top-quality 100% polyester. Thus, cleaning it with a standard sponge and some water is possible. Unlike leather it requires no lubrication or any kind of maintenance and grants you with perfect comfort in every season. OpenWheeler - for those who think ahead!


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