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T500 RS Gaming Seat

Race at home on a real Driving Simulator
(game seat + wheel).

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OpenWheeler gaming seat. The perfect rig for your T500 RS racing wheel.

OpenWheeler gaming seat is the best shelter you can provide for your top-range steering wheel set for PlayStation 3. Thrustmaster T500 RS and the spectacular OpenWheeler gaming seat match like a black horse racing car and a native German champion. Our high-grade simulator seat provides you with the stiff ergonomic support your body demands. It supports all the separate pedal unit steering wheels out there. Whether wireless or wired, they are all in. Gaming platforms make no exception: Xbox 360, PS2 or PS3, Nintendo Wii, a PC or a Mac. No mismatch for the sterling OpenWheeler gaming seat. Select your best matching pedal and wheel distance and hit the road!

OpenWheeler + the T500 RS Wheel

OpenWheeler with T500 RS

With a 1080-degree turning radius, the 30-centimetre T500 RS is solid yet mobile. The rough industrial 65-Watt force feedback motor is tamed by the H.E.A.R.T. (Hall Effect Accurate) technology. No-contact magnetic sensors and a confirming click, every time you paddle shift. The ergonomic OpenWheeler gaming seat improves T500 RS even further. It provides ideal positioning and a reinforced pedal platform. It is specially projected for holding the 7kg+ T500RS's stainless steel three-pedal set. OpenWheeler/T500 RS combo costs merely £620.00 with free UK-delivery.

OpenWheeler with T500 RS & Ferrari F1

Fans of the world's most expensive car racing sport are not neglected. Formula 1 addicts, here is the Ferrari F1 wheel! A full-size and fully-functional replica of the Formula 1 2011 car's wheel. Signature Thrustmaster Quick Release system is completely utilized. 1) Swap your GT-style wheel, 2) Use the Ferrari F1 wheel with an identical 16-bit resolution. It takes less than a minute to switch. Get the OpenWheeler/T500 RS/Ferrari F1 driving simulator for just £720.00 with free UK-delivery.

OpenWheeler + the T500 RS Wheel + the Ferrari F1 Wheel
T500 RS + TH8 RS + OpenWheeler+

OpenWheeler+ with T500RS & TH8 RS

It is the stout Gear Shifter Mount where the TH8 RS gear shifter fits perfectly. It is the eigh-speed Thrustmaster TH8 RS transmission set that will adapt to any racing journey. It is the sole standalone unit with a precise 8-speed H-pattern geabox. It also grants you with a smooth sequential mode. Its 11-centimetre aluminium gear lever provides the technical efficiency for the advanced driver! Order your OpenWheeler+/T500 RS/TH8 RS racing simulator for £770.00 with free UK-delivery.

Thrustmaster T500 RS

If one step at a time is your preferred temp, we will be glad to help. Besides all current discounts for the OpenWheeler and OpenWheeler+ gaming seats, may be you need a bit more time to consider? No trouble. You can still acquire the high tech T500 RS steering wheel set. Our price is way below market average. Do not hesitate to get one of the finest steering wheel sets on market. All-powerful force feedback, H.E.A.R.T technology as well as brushed metal structure all come as a standard. Order it now for merely £380.00 with a free UK-delivery and 20% UK-VAT included. International delivery tariffs starting from £45.00.

T500 RS by Thrustmaster

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