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PlayStation Gaming Seat

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OpenWheeler. The gaming seat for your PlayStation 3/PlayStation 2.

OpenWheeler is universally-compatible, this is true. We have given our best to make a simulator seat suitable to shelter any gaming console available currently. Beyond simply compatible, it's a perfect match indeed. Not so much a question of being different, as of being authentic. At first glance it may seem as an ordinary racing seat with extended compatibility and at a mid-price. But look twice and you'll see the truth: OpenWheeler is in a class of its own. Attractive design, supreme performance and high grade materials. A seat that reflects the driver - quick-minded and with demanding standards. Not simply good design for its own sake, but function packed in its most beautiful form. That's why we believe that OpenWheeler is the most appropriate seat to mount your PS2/PS3 video gaming console. Dynamics, comfort and performance - the most a simulator seat can give.

A Real Racing Seat with a Strong Body Support.

OpenWheeler's seat - derived from a genuine super sports car. Impressing with extravagance is an outdated practice. For your genuine driving experience, there's no alternative to the real thing. Have the simulator seats' future in your home today!

Steel Sliding Rails
A Reclining Back

Steel Sliding Rails and a Reclining Back as standard.

Beauty and practicality simply don't mix for many. As for us, we can't separate them. Stainless steel metal rails and a fully-reclining back are just another convenience OpenWheeler offers.

Your OpenWheeler - a completely Adjustable Pedal Platform.

Premium class adaptability, yet at an affordable price? It's the OpenWheeler with its completely Adjustable Pedal Platform.

A completely Adjustable Steering Wheel Platform.

Space is not only important on the road but inside the car, too. OpenWheeler therefore offers an Adjustable Steering Wheel Platform. Every driver (from some 120cm up to 210cm+ of height) will be able to best suit his size and driving style.

OpenWheeler with Ferrari F430 Bundle
OpenWheeler with T500 RS Bundle

OpenWheeler Bundles

A keyboard and a mouse can't deliver the marvelous driving experience present-day racing games provide. Simulator racers are developed for the modern awesome steering wheel sets. And vice versa (e.g. the official GT5 wheel, Thrustmaster T500 RS). For all the racers regardless of their experience. For all the drivers who wish to reach their destinations sooner. For all the record-breakers. We are happy to announce two exclusive driving simulator bundles! Combine the mid-range Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 or the top T500 RS with the OpenWheeler following your basic impulse for improvement. The OpenWheeler/Ferrari F430 combo and the OpenWheeler/T500 RS racing simulator are now available.

OpenWheeler+ - your PS3 Gaming Seat with a Gear Shifter Mount.

OpenWheeler+ is slightly different than the OpenWheeler. Just as experienced racers prefer to be. It stands out with a sturdy and stylish Gear Shifter Mount unit which matches the red and black line of the OpenWheeler. The Gear Shifter Mount is the easy-to-mount attachment your OpenWheeler needs, so that full compabitility with PS3 steering wheels is provided. Using it every top-range wheel set with a separate transmission unit is supported. Fitting your Logitech G27 or the sterling T500 RS extended by its matching 8-speed transmission to a gaming seat has never been more secure. To best suit your driving style, the Gear Shifter Mount is moveable forwards and backwards.

OpenWheeler+ with Logitech G27 Bundle
OpenWheeler+ with T500 RS and TH8 RS Bundle

OpenWheeler+ Bundles

OpenWheeler+ gaming seat and the Thrustmaster T500 RS steering wheel set are made for enthusiasts. Sheer driving pleasure and simulator racing enjoyment - for some merely words, for others principles of life. The OpenWheeler+ with T500 RS on it does not simply match video game auto racing world as an environment. They enrich it. There's a single essential attachment driving fun-lovers need - of course, a transmission! It is the TH8 RS gearbox set to do this best! With standard features which are not even optional elsewhere. Manual or automatic? With the TH8 RS the choice is yours. A well-balanced 8-speed H-pattern or a split-second sequential - you can enjoy the best of both worlds. OpenWheeler/T500 RS/TH8 RS bundle - the finest simulator on market.

Your PS3 Gaming Seat - easy to clean. No maintanence required.

Our goal is to upgrade your sim racing experience. To make sure that you spend as less of your free time in tedius maintenance as possible. That's why the galvanized-body OpenWheeler's seat, is covered with 100% high grade polyester. Cleaning is a piece of cake! Long-wearing is guaranteed. In difference between leather, no lubrication every now and then is needed. The texture is also comprehensively tested to provide you best comfort during any season. OpenWheeler - simplicity and comfort!


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