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G27 Gaming Seat

Drive at home on a real Racing Simulator
(gaming seat + wheel).

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OpenWheeler+ gaming seat. The best place to put your G27 wheel.

Years of exhaustive research and testing lead to the introduction of the OpenWheeler+ gaming seat. An original racing seat, surprising not only in its concept but also in its unique variability. The seat is fully-reclining, matching any car racing position preferences. The pedal and wheel units' distance is adjustable for drivers of any age and size. Its in-built front wheels and hard floor protectors contribute for extreme portability. Mobility and solidness are present in perfect sync owing to its stainless steel metal frame structure. Compatible to all steering wheels on market you have heard of, it splendidly shelters the best acclaimed PS3 steering wheel, Logitech G27. Gear Shifter Mount made for its gearbox unit. OpenWheeler+ - all this and much more!

The Logitech G27 steering wheel

The Logitech G27 steering wheel

Introduced by the leading brand on the global peripherals market in 2009. The luxurious Logitech G27 has been a top-selling product ever since. A leather-covered 28-centimetre wheel rim and a 6-speed transmission (6 forward + 1 reverse) for exclusive sport experience. Complemented with, brushed metal shifting paddles and strong dual-motor force feedback. Rotating for as much as 900 degrees, with precise, angle-cut helical gears. An innovative RPM indicator instantly informing you when to change a gear and weighted stainless steel three-pedal set. Top-of-the-line equipped Logitech G27 will deliver an exceptionally dynamic driving experience. It is also suitable for pleasant cruising with smooth and quiet control provided. Ultimate variation and performance which will make your pulse beat faster.

OpenWheeler+ gaming seat with the G27 racing wheel

Attach your Logitech G27 steering wheel set to the OpenWheeler+ gaming seat to make sure nothing is missing from your driving simulator rig. The state-of-the-art technology Gear Shifter Mount, capable of securely-holding the G27's gearbox unit is standard for the OpenWheeler+ driving simulator seat. Thanks to its reinforced steel pedal platform, OpenWheeler+ seat can sustain G27's bulky pedal unit. Leaving way behind in the rearview mirror any real sports cars, the pedal block's distance is adaptable with more than a foot! OpenWheeler+ is the richly equipped Logitech G27's best fit. You can now order your OpenWheeler+ simulator seat for the total price of just £312.00 with a free UK-delivery. It is the most simulator rig you can fit in room.

OpenWheeler+ gaming seat with the G27 racing wheel

*G27 is for illustration only. G27 is not included in the price.


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