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Gran Turismo 5 Gaming Seat

OpenWheeler - The Ultimate GT5 Driving Simulator
(racing seat + GT5 wheel).

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OpenWheeler - the superb seat for your GT5 wheel

More than fifteen years since its first release, the Gran Turismo-series is still the most popular, top-choice Sony PlayStation simulator racing game. It was this very title that popularized the simulator racing genre in the console world. Amazing physics and extremely realistic driving behavior demonstrated by hundreds of cars (currently as much as 1031 in GT5) have become a trademark for the series. The CEO of PolyPhony Digital development studio, who's also a game designer and actively takes a part in the creation process, Kazunori Yamauchi, needs to personally approve a PS3 steering wheel prior to issuing the official GT-license. So far only two sets have had the honour of receiving it. They're both precise, quality-made and heavy. And there's the matching, top quality OpenWheeler gaming seat perfectly enhancing each of them. It's the fully-collapsible universal simulator seat for your GT5 wheel. With inbuilt front wheels (for easy maneuvering), a reclining seat back (offering strong shoulder support), sliding rails (under the racing seat), an adjustable pedal platform and an adjustable steering wheel platform it's a great simulator that deserves your attention.

A Detachable T500 RS Wheel Add-on

T500 RS - the official GT5 steering wheel

The present official GT5 wheel is the most advanced and precise steering wheel set you can obtain. It is capable to flawlessly reproduce all the sensations embodied in the Gran Turismo 5 concept. So every single racing game player who'd hold it has felt what it's like to be the king of the road. If we stick to the concrete technical specifications, they somehow explain this. T500 RS has a 30-centimetre diameter wheel. This realistically-sized, thick, rubber-textured wheel is rotatable up to 3 full turns (1080 degrees). More than realistic: please, consider that not all the non-sporting cars currently in production, and we mean real cars, have such a turning radius! Its force feedback can get rather hard to control if set on maximum. Because of the 65-Watts industrial motor that goes all the way to 3000 RPM and produces 150 NM of torque, high adrenaline is guaranteed. The innovative H.E.A.R.T (Hall Effect Accurate) contactless magnetic sensors technology provides longevity. Every detail, every line of this ultimate set wakes up pure high speed passion! Order your Thrustmaster T500 RS for just £380.00 with a free UK-delivery.

OpenWheeler + the T500 RS Wheel

The OpenWheeler/T500 RS Bundle

Prolonging your natural aspiration for excellence we present you the ultimate OpenWheeler/T500 RS combo. Your ideal GT5 driving simulator should include the OpenWheeler for great many reasons. Counting just a couple of them: 1) OpenWheeler gaming seat is built over a metal frame chassis, so it is durable, 2) Sliding metal rails are standard equipment for the OpenWheeler, 3) OpenWheeler is ergonomic, its seat is taken from a real super sport car, 4) OpenWheeler provides stiff ergonomic support that you need for continuous gameplay, particularly with powerful force feedback sets, 5) You can also take a comfortably relaxed position for cruising in the OpenWheeler, 6) OpenWheeler allows for such contrasting seating positions, due to the more than a foot variable pedal unit's distance and reclining seat, 7) OpenWheeler's seat is covered with long-wearing 100% polyester - unlike leather it's easy to clean and requires no maintanence + 1) OpenWheeler is fully-foldable. At least 7+1 reasons to consider. In case you order your T500 RS together with your OpenWheeler racing seat from OpenWheeler UK, you will get them both for £620.00 (including 20% UK-VAT*). The single price of the T500 RS is £380.00. OpenWheeler gaming seat's separate price is £270.00. This makes a total of £650.00. So, you will save an entire £30.00 that you can spend on your favourite GT5 PS3 sim racing game and anything else you'd like. Next-business-day shipping is included free of charge.

*The UK VAT-free price is £516.67. UK-VAT does not apply to:
a) VAT-registered businesses from the EU, but from outside the UK
b) clients from outside the EU

The OpenWheeler/Driving Force GT Bundle

Good news for younger and less experienced racers! The once official Gran Turismo 5 steering wheel (at the time GT5: Prologue was revealed), and a licensed GT5 wheel as of now, is still available. It now comes at a cut-rate price to overtake all the similarly-priced sets. OpenWheeler/Driving Force GT bundle will bring you into the world of sim racing with style. The elegant, smooth black-coloured plastic, Driving Force GT offers you two and a half turns of rotation, the not to be underestimated, 900 degrees, and a diameter of 11". Its force feedback may not be almighty, but it is tangible enough. Thanks to the 24-position real-time adjustment dial and all the PlayStation 3 buttons, you can customize its performance the way it suits you best. Paired to the ergonomic and reclinable racing seat we offer, you will have a great mid-range driving simulator. The separate price of the OpeWheeler gaming seat is £270.00 and the price of Logitech Driving Force GT is £110.00. However, if you order the OpenWheeler/Driving Force GT racing simulator at once, you will have it shipped to your UK-address front door the very next business day for free at the discount price of £360.00 (incl. 20% UK-VAT*). You will spare the nice amount of £20.00 and you'll be ready to join the race fully-equipped in just a few minutes!

*The UK VAT-free price is £300.00. The UK-VAT does not apply to:
a) VAT-registered businesses from the EU, but from outside the UK
b) clients from outside the EU

OpenWheeler + the Driving Force GT Wheel
T500 RS + TH8 RS + OpenWheeler+

The OpenWheeler+/T500 RS/TH8 RS Bundle

Whether you already got your brushed metal T500 RS or you're in the process of considering, we're happy to offer you the worthiest long-term sim rig investment you can make. It combines functionality with imagination. Well finished and stylishly combined indeed. It is the responsive TH8 RS gear shifter and the Gear Shifter Mount-provided OpenWheeler+ gaming seat. Similarly to the OpenWheeler, there are at least 7+1 reasons to choose the awesome TH8 RS, 7 forward + Reverse speed transmission. It functions in both H-pattern and sequential modes. It has an aluminium 11-centimetre gear lever and it can be used as a proper-size handbrake in rallies. It also does firmly fit in the OpenWheeler+'s Gear Shifter Mount. The up-to-date official GT5 wheel with its matching RS-transmission and the OpenWheeler+ seat, at a glance tease your senses creating a truly sporty atmosphere! Order your OpenWheeler+/T500 RS/TH8 RS racing simulator now for merely £770.00 with a free UK-delivery.


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