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Driving Force GT Gaming Seat

Race at home, seating in a real GT cockpit
(racing seat + wheel).

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OpenWheeler driving simulator. The perfect place for your Driving Force GT wheel

Recognized by the renowned Gran Turismo sim racing series of video games, Logitech Driving Force GT remains one of the best-selling middle-range PlayStation 3 steering wheels. Made of heavy duty plastic the sleek Driving Force GT two-part steering wheel set needs a proper protection. So does your body throughout long gaming sessions. We are happy to reveal the ergonomic OpenWheeler gaming seat which is to take care of this. With no compromise! OpenWheeler is the durable stainless steel metal frame chassis simulator seat, to hold any driving wheel set you have. Universal compatibility to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC steering wheels is among its natural features. Then, it offers an astonishingly adaptable (more than one foot) height adjustment. Wheel unit's distance is also adjustable. Any age and size of a driver fits. For your convenience, the OpenWheeler is completely foldable. In-built front wheels and hard floor protectors are provided. Get yourself the support you deserve!

Driving Force GT with Force Feedback, for PS3 & PC

Driving Force GT

Driving Force GT by Logitech was unveiled right before the Christmas holidays in 2007. Nevertheless it is still fully capable of surpassing most low- to mid-segmented wheels. The 11" molded rubber-covered driving wheel ensures ideal grip. Its powerful force feedback arrives with full 900 degrees rotation and Sony PlayStation 3 as well as Sony PlayStation 3 console support. All important PS3 controller buttons are handily positioned around the rim. There is also the revolutionary programmable 24-position real-time adjustment dial. So that you have countless button set-ups at hand. Two compact gear changing paddles and a responsive sequential gear stick make sure that any change of a gear is registered instantly. The Driving Force GT similarly to the OpenWheeler gaming seat will attract demanding racers for whom the pleasure of driving plays an important role. Order your DFGT Driving Force GT for £110.00 with a free UK delivery.

OpenWheeler with the Driving Force GT racing wheel

Logitech Driving Force GT's drilled pedals grant you with true-to-life resistance. Their cleverly-weighted block enables the brake's progressive resistance depending on your speed and the track conditions. Awesomely realistic indeed! The contrasting frail non-metal teeth under the block's bottom were simply meant as a temporary solution. Just like the mighty force feedback wheel unit's ordinary plastic clamping device. That is why we made the OpenWheeler! Operating the Momo-styled Driving Force GT's wheel can hardly get any better. Rest your body in the firm support only an actual sports car racing seat gives. As well as the OpenWheeler! Long steel sliding metal rails come as a standard. For flexibility beyond belief. Pure driving pleasure is the message we convey offering you a top-class simulator rig at an affordable price. OpenWheeler/Driving Force GT driving simulator costs merely £360.00 with a free UK delivery.

OpenWheeler Racing Seat plus the Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel

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