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OpenWheeler OpenWheeler+

See for yourself what
the two OpenWheeler
driving simulator
models have to offer.

Gear Shifter Mount

For the sake of all G25/G27
and T500RS/TH8RS owners, we
offer a special holder for
an external gearshift unit.


Combine OpenWheeler
with your preferred
wheel and get an
attractive discount.

Racing game seats
that fit all kinds of steering wheels

No matter whether your racing wheel includes an external gearshift unit or not, here you will find just the right racing seat for your gaming needs. The only condition is that the wheel of your choice must come with a separate pedal platform. Again, it doesn’t matter whether the pedal unit connects to the wheel base via a cable or wirelessly.

OpenWheeler works with 99% of all steering wheels available on the market, including the popular Logitech Driving Force GT and Thrustmaster T500 RS wheels. Such models do not require a separate gearshift holder. OpenWheeler+, on the other hand, does have a special holder for an external gearshift module, which makes it best suited for wheels such as the Logitech G25 and G27.

Both OpenWheelers are compatible with all major video game consoles, including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii, as well as with all personal computers that allow racing wheels to connect to them.

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the two OpenWheeler models feature a telescoping steering column (you can regulate the height of the wheel), a foldable seat back (you can fine-tune the seat back angle), an adjustable pedal platform (you can change the distance between the seat and the pedals), as well as sliding rails (you can slide the seat backwards and forwards until you find the ideal driving position).

F458 Ferrari Italia Ferrari F430 Force Feedback
Thrustmaster T500 RS Logitech G27
The Gaming Seat for PS/PS3

The Gaming Seat for PS/PS3

PlayStation is the best known console series by Sony for almost two decades. A huge variety of steering wheel sets is offered by many. We aim to present you the top-quality ones. But OpenWheeler simulator seat does not rely merely on what is normal and what is familiar. Made of high grade materials, fully adjustable and durable, it has everything you need in a simulator. Yet many pleasant surprises in store as well. Whether it's the exclusive OpenWheeler or its Gear Shifter Mount, OpenWheeler+ version you choose, full satisfaction and sheer driving pleasure are guaranteed. Take a look at our selection and customized bundles with a discount of up to £40.00.

A fully-capable Gaming Seat for Xbox 360

A fully-capable Gaming Seat for Xbox 360

Xbox 360 by Microsoft is a great video game console and PlayStation's strongest rival. There are thousands of game titles currently available. Xbox 360's weakest point is related to steering wheel sets - selection is considerably narrower. We believe we have singled out the best quality/price ratio ones. To allow your sim racing experience take new exciting directions, build your simulator rig over the OpenWheeler seat! From city settings, through snow-covered mountains and the hot Colorado desert chases in Forza Horizon, boundaries fade away. The ergonomic, high-quality OpenWheeler with a proper driving wheel will take you everywhere. Are you ready?

Your PC Gaming Seat

Your PC Gaming Seat

When new breathtaking simulator racing titles are released, PC gamers are often neglected. PC-versions are available months after console ones. For some distinctive series such were never released. At OpenWheeler we never give away on one thing: flexibility! Besides, all the advanced Logitech and Thrustmaster wheel sets allowing immense racing realism are PC-compatible. OpenWheeler game seat is their uncompromising extension. Superb materials and wide adjustability make it improve any driving style. For your convenience, we provide you with the top OpenWheeler/PC steering wheel bundles with generous discounts.

Finally a Gaming Seat matching your Wii

Finally a Gaming Seat matching your Wii

Nintendo Wii, once known as Revolution did raise a revolution. As early as an year and a half prior to its release. It is a great suggestion for the entire video game community. Every age, every gender and every level of experience gamer will be fascinated. A bold design and easy to store, there's no way of substituting it. Just like the OpenWheeler gaming seat! Independent thinking and long years of exhaustive research triumph in this innovative simulator. It grants you with strong backside and shoulder support, reclining seat sliding on stainless steel rails, and much more. OpenWheeler is suitable for any age and size of player.


A Gaming Seat for T500 RS - Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Personal style is more valuable than the ability to imitate passing trends. New ideas are more stimulating than opinions expressed in a way anyone can share. Based on this and unending hard work the top range H.E.A.R.T (Hall Effect Accurate) technology, Thrustmaster T500 RS was released. Meant as the official Gran Turismo 5 wheel, it supports a couple of exclusive add-ons. The OpenWheeler simulator seat sheltering it along with the latter RS-series extensions, do create the ultimate home driving simulator! Thanks to the 1080-degrees of rotation, inverted or standing three-pedal block and mighty force feedback, you'll be awarded with great driving sensations. Win a split second challenge or drive in a relaxed manner with the TH8 RS transmission. Then feel the rhythm of the Formula 1 track with the Ferrari F1 wheel. All this, seated in the perfectly-adaptable sterling OpenWheeler or OpenWheeler+ (with a Gear Shifter Mount included, designed to fit the TH8 RS) simulator seats. Now, more affordable than ever! Start your sim racing career today, acquiring any of the driving simulator combos we offer. And save as much as £40.00! Free next business day UK-shipping and 20% UK-VAT are both included in all our prices.

Gaming Seat for G27

Gaming Seat for G27

G27 is Logitech's classic steering wheel set which still tops their line of wheel controllers. Once a manifesto of technological possibilities in the non-professional segment, the 28-centimetre dual-motor force feedback wheel is still a good choice. With a 6-speed H-pattern gearbox unit using helical gears, its performance is realistic, yet refined. OpenWheeler+ does flawlessly extend it, hence the Gear Shifter Mount unit was initially planned with G27 in mind. Because of its black and red lines and sliding brushed metal rails, OpenWheeler+ does demonstrate an unmistakable visual character. Order it now at the total price of merely £312.00. Adding further to its value, free next business day UK-shipping and 20% UK-VAT are included.

Gaming Seat for the classic Driving Force GT

Gaming Seat for the classic Driving Force GT

You do not need to limit your sim racing requirements and wishes even when acquiring the former official GT5 wheel. Paired to the OpenWheeler gaming seat, it makes an ideal entry-level driving simulator! With its 900-degree rotation, responsive gear changing paddles and satisfactory force feedback, Driving Force GT still deserves attention. Equipped with a 24-position real-time adjustment dial, plus high class ergonomic support and adjustability, the OpenWheeler/DFGT combo is a truly unique package indeed. PlayStation 2 is also supported. Thus, countless exciting hours with nearly any car racing game you can think are guaranteed. Logitech DFGT is available at the single price of £110.00. Order the DGFT/OpenWheeler bundle for £360.00 and spare £20.00!


The ultimate GT5 Gaming Seat

Having sold nearly 10 million copies in less than two years, Gran Turismo 5 is a very special kind of simulator racing game. Out of hundreds of competitors, there are just two steering wheel sets that proudly carry its badge. While the classic and rather impressive for its time Logitech Driving Force GT is currently just a licensed set, the modern high tech Thrustmaster T500 RS is the current officially-certified GT5 wheel. The 28-centimetre, sequential gearbox DFGT is easily overtaken by the 1080-degree, 30-centimetre, brushed metal T500 RS. For its current price DFGT is though a great suggestion. T500 RS on the other hand is easily-extendable with the TH8 RS 8-speed H-pattern and sequential in-one transmission. Luckily they are both suitable with the OpenWheeler, respectively the OpenWheeler+ durable ergonomic and simulator seats. Have them now, saving up to £32.00 with our custom-made bundles!

Gaming Seat for F1

To skillfully control a F1 racing car in a sim racer (including the awesomely-realistic in its performance Gran Turismo Formula car in GT5), you need more than the traditional round wheel. To connect with the track in an intensive high speed motoring experience and win getting the most of your customized F1 car you need more than an ordinary steering wheel set. Strong body support through the fifty plus laps circuits is vital. Only OpenWheeler can offer you this unique combination of super sports behavior, durability and driving comfort. Intended to arouse emotions, it is best utilized when paired to a precise and powerful driving wheel set. Such as the 65-Watts industrial motor, 1080-degree rotation, T500 RS. Plus the Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On for all your F1 racing. It is a full-size copy of the Ferrari F1 2011 wheel it's also as functional as a real F1 wheel! What's more, order it in a bundle and save the amazing £40.00!


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