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OpenWheeler FAQ

My waist is 39”. Will I fit comfortably into the seat?
OpenWheeler's race seat is sufficiently high and wide enough to accommodate the size and weight of a fully grown man. In respect of more independent points of view you can check the customer reviews and our gallery to view images of people from all age groups and body sizes whilst using the OpenWheeler.

I play both racing and flight simulation games. With this in mind can I use OpenWheeler as a flight simulator as well?
Of course the answer is definitely yes. You'll discover the steering wheel platform has been especially designed to support all joystick and other flight simulation solutions readily available in the marketplace.

Where is OpenWheeler made?
You'll find that OpenWheeler's chassis has been designed and created entirely in the USA whilst the racing seat is imported under all US standards and regulations. It is made by a manufacturer with extensive experience in motor racing.

Is OpenWheeler easy to store?
Of course: OpenWheeler's chassis combined with seat have been especially designed to be as foldable as possible. It takes literally a few seconds for the simulator to be transformed into a storage size which is user friendly. And, once folded, as instructed, OpenWheeler will fit into a cupboard, wardrobe, corner, and even under some types of bed.

Is OpenWheeler really as compatible as you say?
Yes. We checked all the main steering wheel models available upon designing our racing seat simulator. The pedals plus wheel platforms will not only accommodate but also support all present wheel makes and models. You'll find we are also Logitech's approved partner as well as distributor. Check the latest Logitech steering wheel range we offer.

I am considering purchasing the OpenWheeler race seat simulator but I have to say that the foot pedal and wheel platforms appear weak. Are they sufficiently strong to absorb any pressure my arms and legs will place on them?
The answer is yes. The pedals and wheel bases have both been especially designed and manufactured to allow any extra pressure which might be applied to them. Being made of solid steel they can withstand a lot of force. With the flexibility of the plates the pedal box is protected from over pressure which may have been applied to it. In fact, the plate has been designed to flex when excessive forced is applied, reducing the chance of damaging plastic foot pedals.

I enjoy racing very much and I only play the full simulation race distance. Will I feel any side effects after having a full 70 lap race?
OpenWheeler's seat has literally been removed from a race car and it is made for real racing where drivers spend days testing before they even approach the race day, not to mention all the practice and qualifying sessions before the afternoon of the action.

OpenWheeler was made for racing simulation allowing you to sit in a comfortable position and remain fully supported, so your arms and legs won't ache like they would, had you played on your sofa or computer desk.

I am 6’4” tall and my son is only 4’. Can OpenWheeler adjust to fit each of us?
Yes. The OpenWheeler is fully adjustable which has been designed and manufactured to accommodate users of all sizes. A small child of four feet to a large adult of seven feet will fit comfortably.

Will my wheel fit on OpenWheeler if I upgrade it?
Yes. We're happy to say that OpenWheeler supports every single wheel model that is presently available. As long as wheel designs don't change considerably in the future there shouldn't be a problem.

Are there any other color options available?
Suffice to say we have spent months creating the current design of OpenWheeler. In fact, the paintwork of the chassis has been both tested and approved by all the leading EU standard officials. Both the seat design and colors were endorsed following vast research amongst gamers and auto race drivers.
However, we are working on alternatives with regard to chassis and seat design. An update is quite possible in the near future.

Does OpenWheeler come with steering wheel and pedals by default?
If you wish you can certainly have the OpenWheeler delivered together with one of a large range of Logitech's steering wheels. We are an official Logitech distributor and offer competitive prices for all their products. Check the Compatibility page for more information.

Is OpenWheeler compatible with a PC or does it only work on console platforms?
We're pleased to say that OpenWheeler is a universal gaming platform, provided the wheel you are using proves compatible with it.

What is force feedback wheel?
Force feedback provides a higher level of realism and a greater driving experience by utilizing a large motor in the wheel. Here the force feedback is emulated such as you would obtain via the steering wheel of a real car.
If driving on icy road conditions the steering wheel would go light, for example, or else would vibrate powerfully if racing over rough terrain.

Why does OpenWheeler appear to be a little bit expensive?
The OpenWheeler can be viewed as a long term purchase when you consider the cost of hand held controllers and other devices you will see what your getting dost not actually cast that much, the durability and quality is exceptional all the materials have a very long lifetime plus because the OpenWheeler works with all Platform it wont become obsolete like many other gaming accessories (remember the little robot Nintendo launch back in the 80s…. no? well there you are!)

OpenWheeler is here to stay as long a people want to race we will be here to make it more fun, it really is a true foundation for endless gaming possibilities.

Can OpenWheeler be upgraded?
Yes! Absolutely. You can obtain additional platforms for almost any side controller or equipment. These range from displays, keyboards, gear sticks, joysticks, etc.

Is the seat in OpenWheeler truly a real race seat?
Definitely. The seat we have installed on the chassis is originally designed and also produced for racing cars. We're pleased to say it even arrives with the real car's seat base plus sliding rails and fully adjustable reclining back.

I don't reside in the UK. Do you accept currencies other than pounds sterling?
Yes. Although all the prices on our website are based on pounds sterling we welcome all major debit or credit cards no matter country of issue. Payments will be made in pounds sterling and your card provider will charge the amount in your local billing currency.

How long does it take to assemble OpenWheeler?
OpenWheeler will arrive to you almost fully assembled and ready for action! This page will show you how easy and fast putting OpenWheeler in operation is on average only 15 - 20 minutes.

Is the OpenWheeler delivered fully assembled or flat pack?
We have spared no delivery cost and haven't packed OpenWheeler in small bits and peaces in order to save on shipping. We do not expect you to loose any time at all, trying to figure out what goes where.
OpenWheeler will arrive almost ready built and won't be long until your ready to hit the track with all the confidence and comfort you expect from a racing seat driving simulator.

Is there a minimal or maximum age for drivers using OpenWheeler?
Absolutely not! Well, small children will not find it very easy to drive, but they won't be interested anyway :o)
And as long as a person feels like driving, their age is not a factor.

Is OpenWheeler easy to move about?
The two multidirectional wheels at the front of our driving simulator make it very light and easy to move around your home.

You guarantee very fast delivery. How long does it actually take?
Yes, we do offer quite fast delivery service, considering OpenWheeler's almost assembled packed size and weight.

Bellow are some delivery destinations and average times:
  1. UK - 48 hours express delivery.
  2. Western Europe - up to 5 working days. International road express delivery
  3. Scandinavia - up to 5 working days. International road express delivery
  4. Eastern Europe - up to 7 working days. International road express delivery
  5. USA and Canada - up to 5 working days. International air express delivery
  6. Australia - up to 5 working days. International air express delivery

Do I really need a racing seat simulator?
If you are a real racing and simulator gamer, the answer is YES! Without steering wheel and a proper racing chair, you're not experiencing what a real driving simulation game offers, standard game controllers or having your decent wheel model fixed onto the coffee table juts doesn't cut it.

How comfortable is OpenWheeler?
The real car seat we use for OpenWheeler gives You all the comfort and stability you will ever need. Chassis is strong enough to accommodate any person size and weight. This setup guarantees absolutely no back or lateral pain or tiredness even after hours and hours of driving.
You can also have a look at what others have already said about OpenWheeler.

What makes OpenWheeler any different than other racing seat driving simulators available out there?
Well, our customers feedback probably says it all, but why don't you check our main advantages comparing to others.

Is OpenWheeler fully compatible with all steering wheels and models?
It is. All decent steering wheels are 100% OpenWheeler compatible. Our compatibility page will give you a detailed information on the most popular steering wheels working with OpenWheeler.

Will OpenWheeler work with my Logitech G27 steering wheel?
Absolutely. The wheel and pedals platforms are especially designed and manufactured around Logitech's leading steering wheels models. Including the G27. You may need the gear shifter mount as well though. So make sure you choose the right OpenWheeler setup for G27.

Planning on buying Thrustmaster T500 RS. Will OpenWheeler work with it? This is a very heavy and big steering wheel system?
We didn't even have to change any of our OpenWheeler design or materials! It totally worked straight away! T500 kind of proved how strong and upgradeable OpenWheeler really is!


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