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Formula 1 2010 Xbox 360 Review

Formula 1 2010 Xbox 360 ReviewWhen game developers start to create simulation of real life sport, and so focusing exclusively on both the realism and authenticity of this activity in order to deliver the closet virtual approximation of the given exercise in question – well, the end results can be quite staggering to say the least!

At the same time we’ve noticed developers focusing on the sport – or Motorsport – of Formula 1 racing usually with excellent if not exhilarating results. Although this latest Formula 1 racing title might be light regarding overall features Codemasters F1 2010 still manages to exude laser-like focus in both its delivery and execution. In fact the core simulation and thrilling white-knuckle 300 km/h races which result from the developer’s attention to detail more than delivers what could be viewed as “missing”.

Of course, concentration is vital. Over 50 + laps around a single circuit racers will ultimately require an inhuman amount of focus to ensure every corner is taken with complete perfection, every cockpit decision rationally made, and make sure that the pain imposed on their bodies by the raw force or cruelty of the car doesn’t affect them psychologically. This is Formula 1 racing to a tee but I won’t even try to imagine the physical, emotional and mental pressures exerted in such a brutal or tortuous activity. What I will state, however, is that minus the physical stresses or strains of this kingly Motorsport F1 2010 from Codemasters effectively and doubtlessly represents some percentage of the mental anguish (and a proportion of emotional pressure too) which derives from participating in such a demanding sporting activity.

As far as presentation is concerned you need have no worries regarding F1 2010 either since this is what Codemasters does! You’ll find menus are straightforward and classy, navigation effortless, whilst you can busily customise every aspect of your F1 2010 experience, ranging from race options (that means overall difficulty, brake assist toggle, traction control, simulation level, car damage, heads-up display elements), to an in-depth setup (that means as you tweak and change your car’s suspension, tyres, gearbox and much else besides).

The menu system also provides access to a selection of different ways to play F1 2010, allowing choice between Career (where you move through a full personalised career of a Formula 1 driver and so ascend the rankings), Grand Prix (where you can select specific cars and circuits with which to compete at your leisure), Multiplayer (where you can play a variety of local and online race types whilst earning online XP to improve your online rank), or Time Trial (where you can post your best lap times with different cars on all circuits plus the satisfaction of sharing those times online).

Following races during your Career you can even speak to reporters hanging out in the racing paddock who’ll question your thoughts on various aspects of the current season – like a real professional, in fact, a real out and out pro!

Formula 1 2010 Xbox 360 ReviewAlthough loading times between menus and events can get a bit tiresome it must be said that very little of your F1 2010 experience will be spent flying from one place to the next – you have to admit that most of the time will be spent on the track!

And, once on the track, not only will the aforementioned events play out over the course of 11 circuits – with the option to race as those 24 drivers from 12 different teams or purely as yourself – you’ll also be subjected and undergo everything a real F1 driver would have to endure! This includes both realistic and toned down versions of warnings and penalties (for instance don’t go cutting corners or smashing into competitors!), pit stops, to changing tyres or obtaining repairs (all of which plays into your well planned racing strategy); over 50 laps of gruelling competitive racing too (or less, if you decide to choose otherwise!), plus your race engineer talking into your ear throughout any given event – fortunately he’s not particularly annoying except on those occasions when he’s trying to supply racing advice!

So who’s the driver here?

But wait – no female race engineer?

Aw – what a crying shame!

In conclusion F1 2010 is a result of the development team’s laser-like focus with its mission to deliver the most authentic and realistic Formula 1 racing game ever, and, to be absolutely honest with you, that is precisely what this title represents. It could be argued that some gamers might want access to a wider variety of events like Arcade mode, different challenge modes, or even silly mini-games – but for all this F1 2010 comprises a better game due to the developer’s decision NOT to include superfluous elements, but instead concentrate on the real experience and thrill of racing.

Racing enthusiasts will find sheer delight regarding the depth of customisation and the great challenge of completing a full Career mode whilst at maximum difficulty, whilst at the same time Formula 1 enthusiasts will simply enjoy the thrill of being able to view their all too favourite racers, cars and tracks brought vividly to life in all their stunning detail – plus the opportunity to rub shoulders (and wheels!) with the greatest Motorsport champions in the world today.

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