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Ferrari Challenge PS3 Review

If it’s thrills and spills you’re looking for then look no further - since you can have the thrilling sound of a car, engine’s revving, ready for the off, the best you can ever have, accelerating to 100 in 3.4 seconds! It takes some beating! On top of this you get the beautiful and lustrous history of a brand that tops the scale of elegance, speed and sophistication, like the loveliest of women! And it comes at a price: of just 30 bucks at your favourite retail outlet.

Ferrari Challenge PS3 ReviewOnce starting the game you will be required to install an update, an update which finished the game. To be honest I really appreciate developers who update their games after release, particularly if features such as trophy support and custom soundtrack support are added. Then, once the updates are complete, you’ll receive a lovely main screen but with an annoying side-note stipulating it’s not as effective as we’d have liked. However, once all driving aids are removed, I become a driving god (well, in my dreams!), and I loaded Spa and began in my favourite Ferrari so far - the F430. At first, though, I was a bit disappointed with the graphics. Although it’s not ugly it’s not as pretty as GT5 or F1 championship edition. What remains ugly is the noise of the crashes. When you hit other cars (not intentionally, of course!), it sounds like a can being thrown away. And, to be honest, it can’t appear like that in real life. Once I’d got over the initial shock and bog awful sound, plus mediocre graphics, I noticed a curtain world movement. Leaves fell upon the track and then flew away again as I drove towards them in my Ferrari F430. But it was a challenge for me, of course, as I kept my concentration well on the road, and watching the world move, or pass on by. Yet in the future I’d prefer more movement, such as people, crowds, standing up and cheering, or even planes. But maybe this is something for the next PlayStation as it would appear that this generation isn’t sufficiently strong.

In fact, whilst driving the F430 with my G25 it reminded me of an episode from Top Gear. If you remember, during the episode, it stated how fun this car was to drive and how magnificent the handling power. And what’s my answer to that? Well, I can say they’re absolutely right and spot on! The car was extremely fun to drive. You can feel oversteer and understeer, and, unlike other titles like Grand Turismo, braking actually felt as if you were stopping a 300 km/h super car. Also the game offers a few modes that should keep you entertained, modes such as online play, quick race, time trail as well as a career mode. And participating in these activities will give you cards - I still don’t know what these do - plus the right to buy new Ferrari cars. In fact, you can use the game credits you accrue from races to purchase them. The cars all vary: they range from classic Ferraris and new modern Ferraris and you’ll be interested to know that I purchased perhaps three Ferraris within the first 2 hours that I played. Such credits are easily won but the right to buy new Ferraris isn’t always so simple. You must be prepared to play several days before being able to fit your butt in the Ferrari Enzo FXX which is a car constantly updated with new aero packages and other improvements. In fact, when I come to think about it, this car could well easily gain first place in Top Gear’s leader board!

Ferrari Challenge PS3 ReviewWhen playing around with the cars I recognised the fact that each Ferrari feels different. The F550 Maranello, for example, feels heavy in turning, and less stable under braking, if you compare it to, say, the more expensive and newer Ferrari F430 Scuderia. However, to be honest, this is a remarkably good thing, due to the fact that some developers attempt to cheat by supplying 100 cars which feel the same.

But I love this game! Although the graphics might not be up to the quality of GT5, the physics of the driving are way, way better. Also, at both one and the same time, it doesn’t take System 3 three years to create a race game. So buy this game if you love Ferraris or seeking a 30 bucks racing title. However, it’s worth saying don’t buy this game if you’re willing to lay out 60 bucks because the simple fact is that the sequel Super car challenge is just around the corner.

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