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OpenWheeler + the Ferrari 458 Italia Wheel

A Special Bundle:
OpenWheeler + the Ferrari 458 Italia Wheel

The Microsoft-licensed Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia wheel works with all Xbox 360 racing games. What’s more, it’s a replica of the steering wheel inside the Ferrari 458 Italia sports car - the one you can see on the cover of the standard edition of Forza Motorsport 4 - Microsoft’s classic Xbox 360 sim racing game. Thrustmaster’s Ferrari 458 Italia wheel is PC-compatible as well. The 28-cm-wide Ferrari 458 Italia wheel supports a 270-degree rotation. It is fitted out with 8 action buttons, an 8-direction D-pad, a Manettino switch, as well as with two GT-style sequential shift paddles, which rotate together with the steering wheel. Aside from the wheel itself, you will also receive non-adjustable gas and brake pedals offering realistic resistance. If you combine the Ferrari 458 Italia wheel with a fully adjustable racing seat like OpenWheeler, you will de facto get a full-fledged driving simulator. And if you have one at home, you can test your skills against the world’s most accomplished racers right in your room!


The Ferrari 458 Italia/OpenWheeler Bundle will cost you £10.00 less!

The OpenWheeler racing seat costs £270.00 and the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia wheel - £80.00 (a total of £350.00). You can save £10.00 if you order them both at once - there is a special bundle package offered at OpenWheeler.co.uk, whose price is £340.00 (incl. 20% UK VAT*). Free next-business-day shipping to any UK address is offered as well.

*The UK VAT-free price is £283.33. The UK VAT does not apply to:
a) VAT-registered businesses from the EU, but from outside the UK
b) clients from outside the EU

OpenWheeler plus F458 Ferrari Italia Wheel Bundle

Save £10.00 on the F458 Italia/OpenWheeler Bundle

  Product Separately In a Bundle
OpenWheeler £270.00 £270.00
F458 Ferrari Italia £80.00 £70.00
Total £350.00 £340.00
    you save £10.00
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