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OpenWheeler+ & the T500 RS Wheel & the TH8 RS Gear Shifter

A Special Bundle:
OpenWheeler+ & the T500 RS Wheel & the TH8 RS Gear Shifter

The PlayStation 3 and PC-compatible T500 RS wheel allows for an otherworldly 1080-degree rotation and offers scaringly powerful force feedback effects. It’s no surprise that Thrustmaster’s 12-inch-wide masterpiece has been chosen as the official Gran Turismo 5 racing wheel. The detachable T500 RS allows for future upgrades (you can replace it with Thrustmaster’s Ferrari F1 add-on wheel) and includes all default PS3 controller buttons, two sequential paddle shifters attached to the wheel base, as well as fully adjustable gas, clutch and brake pedals. You can even decide whether they should be floor-mounted (like in a Formula 1 car) or suspended (like in a GT car).


Thrustmaster also took into consideration those T500 RS owners who would rather switch gears manually using a gear lever and a clutch pedal (the T500 RS includes one by default), and released the hyper-authentic TH8 RS gear shifter, which offers 7 forward gears and 1 reverse gear, and which, being itself a T500 RS add-on, makes use of the same high-precision, contactless magnetic sensing technology. You will be notified by a high-pitched clicking sound each time you arrive at the preferred gate. If you prefer the sequential shifting mode, you can replace the default H-pattern (7+1) plate with a sequential (+/-) plate, which is also included. The TH8 RS gear shifter naturally works great with Gran Turismo 5 in combination with the T500 RS wheel. It is PC-compatible as well. The TH8 RS shifter’s gear lever is 13 centimeters tall and hence will be inconvenient to work with if you mount the shifter onto a desk or table. The OpenWheeler+ gaming seat offers exactly what you need - an exclusive gear shifter mount, which can ideally accommodate the TH8 RS gear shifter. And not only. The Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel itself will fit perfectly into OpenWheeler+’s chassis as well. On top of that, OpenWheeler+ can accommodate gamers of almost any size thanks to its sliding bottom rails, reclining back and fully adjustable steering wheel and pedal platforms. With OpenWheeler+, anyone can achieve the perfect driving position in no time. If you combine the OpenWheeler+ gaming seat with the Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel and the TH8 RS shifter, you will get a whole driving simulator, which will magically transform your living-room floor into a racing track before you know it!


The T500 RS/TH8 RS/OpenWheeler+
Bundle will cost you £32.00 less!

The Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel, the TH8 RS shifter and the OpenWheeler+ seat are offered at £380.00, £110.00 and £312.00, respectively (a total of £802.00). If you decide to take advantage of our special offer and buy the three of them at once via OpenWheeler.co.uk, you will get a £32.00 discount and the bundled price will be only £770.00 (incl. 20% UK VAT*).

What’s more, if you are a UK citizen, these three great gaming devices will shipped to you free of charge on the next business day after the order is placed.


*The UK VAT-free price is £641.67. The UK VAT does not apply to:
a) VAT-registered businesses from the EU, but from outside the UK
b) clients from outside the EU

T500 RS + TH8 RS + OpenWheeler+

Save £32.00 on the
T500 RS/TH8 RS/OpenWheeler+ Bundle

  Product Separately In a Bundle
OpenWheeler+ £312.00 £300.00
T500 RS wheel £380.00 £370.00
TH8 RS shifter £110.00 £100.00
Total £802.00 £770.00
    you save £32.00
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