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PS3 Steering Wheel

To all PS3 owners we do
recommend Thrustmaster’s
PS3 wheels: the Ferrari F430,
the T500 RS & the Ferrari F1 wheels.

Xbox Steering Wheel

To all Xbox 360 owners we
do recommend Thrustmaster’s
Ferrari 458 Italia wheel
featuring many Xbox controls.

GT5 Steering Wheel

Get the T500 RS wheel
(the official GT5 wheel)!
It allows for a 1080-degree
wheel rotation (3 full turns)!

Gaming Seats for PS, XBOX & PC

The OpenWheeler gaming seat was specially made by and for racing game enthusiasts. It delivers pure sim racing bliss. The closer a sim racing game gets to reality, the better. And most of today’s sim racing games are nothing but amazing. They approximate reality as closely as possible. The only way to get the maximum out of any driving game at home is to use a proper steering wheel in combination with a gaming seat.

The gaming seats have changed the way we experience these hyper-realistic racing simulations and OpenWheeler will take you closer to the ultimate sim racing sensation. OpenWheeler is “open” to all gaming consoles and devices, including PlayStation 3® (PS3), PlayStation 2® (PS2), Playstation® (PS), Xbox 360®, Xbox®, Nintendo Wii®, Nintendo GameCube®, N64®, Sega®, Mac and PC. It is also “open” to all steering wheel makers and models. OpenWheeler can be easily adjusted to suit your driving style, giving you more time to play and race.

Customer Feedback

“Great customer service and a super-fast delivery. Set-up took me 10 minutes and the quality of the seat and frame is top notch. Highly impressed and will not hesitate to recommend you.”

Kind regards, Jason

“Excellent seller, thank you for a very fast delivery, highly recommended seller”

Clive W.

“Superb racing seat. If you love GT5 - Buy & fit a Logitec Force GT - excellent!!”

Paul S.


Steering Wheels at Below-Market Prices

Ferrari F1 T500 RS add-on TH8 RS - T500 RS Shifter
We, at OpenWheeler.co.uk, think that Thustmaster is one of the best manufacturers of mid-range and high-end racing wheels at the moment. This is why there are so many Thrustmaster wheels available on our website. Compare them. You’ll find out that we are selling them at below-market prices.

The best thing about Thustmaster is that you can quickly find a pretty good wheel for your money. If you are searching for an Xbox steering wheel, consider the Ferrari 458 Italia wheel. It costs £80.00. If you are looking for a PS3 steering wheel, consider the Ferrari F430 wheel. It costs £150.00.
Thrustmaster Steering Wheels Logitech Steering Wheels
Are you searching for a top-of-the-line racing wheel? Thrustmaster has it - the T500 RS wheel. It is the official GT5 steering wheel. That prestigious accolade is fully deserved, given the T500 RS’s 1080-degree wheel rotation (3 full turns) and the amazing, true-to-life force feedback effects. The T500 RS wheel costs £380.00.

What makes the T500 RS so special is that the default GT-style wheel is detachable. The driver can replace the GT wheel with the Ferrari F1 wheel, which is sold separately for £110.00. Another T500 RS add-on, sold for £110.00, is the hyper-realistic, 8-speed TH8 RS gear shifter.

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